Visiting Calais to distribute food and clothing to refugees on 9th February 2019. 

The UK needs a refugee policy that is fair and humane. It is essential that we protect child refugees and reunite families.

I supported the Refugees (Family Reunion) (No. 2) Bill, promoted by Angus Brendan MacNeil on June 21, 2018.

"I want to give hon. Members an idea of the numbers that will be helped by the Bill introduced by the hon. Member for Na h-Eileanan an Iar. Last year, only 794 children who arrived in the UK as unaccompanied children were granted asylum. The Bill seeks to help those 794 children—that figure is less than the number of peers in the other place—and allow them to be reunited with their families. Not allowing child refugees to be reunited with their family members is morally wrong, legally wrong and inhumane."

I also backed Red Cross' #FamiliesTogether campaign and #cantstaycantgo campaign against asylum seekers being left destitute and in limbo, unable to stay or leave the UK.

As MP for Enfield Southgate I'm standing up for those asylum seekers left in limbo and unable to leave the UK, with many left unable return home due to lack of direct flights and others left stateless.

Many stranded asylum seekers are left with no money, no access to adequate or safe housing or lacking adequate clothing.

In particular the campaign is pushing for the Home Office to allow pregnant women and families with children on Section 95 support, to prevent pregnant women and children being left destitute and stranded in the UK.

Here are the letters I wrote to the Home Secretary, calling for action to make it easier to reunite families, and for Britain to take its fair share of refugees in times of humanitarian crisis.