For many years I have been campaigning for a fairer and properly-funded education system.


Real-terms cuts to the education budget and Conservative reforms to school funding will cause every school in England to lose funding over the coming years. Funding for schools has fallen by £2.7 billion since 2015 and the Conservatives are simply trying to paper over the cracks. By 2020 funding per pupil is expected to have fallen by 8%.

These cuts are having a real negative impact on schools in Enfield, with 39% of schools running a budget deficit and teachers and pupils paying the price.

I will hold the government to account, campaign for properly-funded schools and oppose cuts to schools at every level.


I was lucky enough to go to Liverpool Polytechnic to study law in 1987 and have my tuition fees paid in full. Many students from low-income families that might not even earn £20,000 a year would seriously baulk at the idea of having to pay back £50,000.

With student maintenance grants having been scrapped and replaced by loans, total student debt for those from poorer families is much higher than for those from wealthier ones. This is why I back bringing back student maintenance grants.

It’s no accident that one in 20 freshers drops out from university every year, whereas the figure for those from poorer families is one in 12.