Need Help?


If you are an Enfield Southgate resident I may be able to help with a problem you are having. As your Member of Parliament I can raise issues affecting you with government and other public bodies.

Constituency advice surgeries

If you would like to discuss your issue with me, please call 0208 882 0088 or email to book an appointment.

Please note surgery appointments must be pre-booked and are on a first come first served basis.

Contacting the Council

For most enquiries concerning Enfield Council you should in the first instance contact one of your local Councillors who have been directly elected to represent people in your area to Enfield Council. You can find contact details for your local representative at:

If you have pursued your case with your local Councillor but are still unhappy you can contact me by email at

I cannot help with disputes between individuals, ongoing legal cases or overturning court decisions.

Fly-tipping, refuse collection and other local environmental problems

You can directly report many environmental problems –
including fly-tipping, refuse collection problems, trees and issues with roads, vehicles or parking – direct to Enfield Council
at: By using this system the Council can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. You should report problems here before raising the matter with your local Ward Councillor or myself.

Where problems have been reported to Enfield Council but not resolved or where the problem is persistent you should raise this in the first instance with your local Ward Councillor who is best placed to assist you in the first instance.

Penalty Charge Notices

If you have incurred a penalty for a driving or parking infringement, please ensure you have followed the instructions on the Penalty Charge Notice you have received.

Information for appealing a Penalty Charge Notice issued by Enfield Council can be found on at:

Advice on how to appeal parking tickets issued by the Council
or other bodies can be found at:

If having followed the instructions you have an outstanding issue relating to the PCN I may be able to assist you.


If you have an issue regarding benefit payments, you should contact Enfield Citizens Advice before raising this with me: . If you are unsure of what benefits you are entitled to, the Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to offer full advice on your entitlements.

Issues with Housing Benefit or Council Tax should be raised with your local Councillor in the first instance.