I oppose all cuts to the NHS in Enfield Southgate and will fight for local hospitals.

The NHS in Enfield Southgate is facing drastic cuts with hospitals facing unprecedented cuts across London.

These cuts could threaten the very existence of local hospitals including North Middlesex Hospital which is already facing staffing shortages. Local NHS trusts have been asked to consider options such as limiting treatment for backpain, extending the waiting period for operations and potential cuts to financial support for patients with serious, long-term medical problems and disabilities.

I believe that reversing tax cuts is the way forward in order to properly fund the NHS in Enfield Southgate and to prevent local hospitals facing funding cuts.

I'm committed to ending the public sector pay cap in order to ensure NHS staff receive fair pay and in order to address the recruitment crisis in the NHS.

I've also signed up to We Own It's #NHStakeback pledge to protect the vision of a universal public health service.

I am proud to co-sponsor Eleanor Smith's National Health Service: Ten Minute Rule Bill

A Bill to re-establish the Secretary of State's legal duty as to the National Health Service in England and to make provision about the other duties of the Secretary of State in that regard; to make provision for establishing Integrated Health Boards and about the administration and accountability of the National Health Service in England; to make provision about ending private finance initiatives in the National Health Service in England; to exclude the National Health Service from international trade agreements; to repeal sections 28 and 29 of the Immigration Act 2014; and for connected purposes.

North Middlesex Hospital

Following my letter to the North Middlesex Hospital Board, they have announced that they will not be seeking a merger with Royal Free Hospital Group.