The cost of living crisis is unsustainable, and as energy bills are set to soar again, Labour announced our proposals this week to stop the energy price cap going up.

This will save households £1,000 and ensure you don’t pay a penny more on energy bills this winter.

I know people in Enfield Southgate are seriously worried about paying their energy bills this winter.

Under the Conservatives, energy bills are going to rise and rise, and people in our community are going to be pushed into poverty unless immediate steps are taken to address the spiralling cost of living. But the Conservative Government is missing in action, paralysed by a leadership election with two candidates more interested in pandering to Conservative members than taking concrete steps to help people with the cost of living.

A household energy bill of over £4,000 would be a social and economic disaster, and we can’t continue making working people pay whatever the big energy companies demand while they make eye-watering profits.

Labour’s proposals meet the scale of the crisis now, while also investing in sustainable, home-grown energy to bring bills down in the long term.