The world is watching Iran and the appalling violence the regime has unleashed on protestors since the death of Mahsa Amini.

As the regime uses the death penalty to supress the protests, we must stand with the brave Iranian protestors and their demands for the fundamental freedom to live their lives as they choose.

In the House of Commons, I read the names of those at risk of execution.

The Iranian regime must be held accountable for every crime it has committed, including the abhorrent use of the death penalty.

In collaboration with Amnesty, I’ve written on behalf of the Labour Party to the Judiciary in Iran and the Iranian Embassy to condemn the executions of protestors and urge the regime to quash all death sentences.

The courage of protestors across Iran is extraordinary, but we cannot just pay tribute to their courage, we must also stand with them and support them.

That’s why I’ve been delighted to meet Iranian activists in the UK and listen to their experiences and demands, and will continue to do so as we urge the UK to do everything it can to hold the regime to account.

Bambos Charalambous MP meeting Iranian activists with Amnesty International