Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

The scenes from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are heartbreaking.

The human toll of this disaster is immense. Thousands are already confirmed dead with that number expected to rise; infrastructure has been flattened; and hundreds remain trapped in buildings that have collapsed.

My thoughts are with all those impacted by this tragedy, including people in Enfield Southgate with family and friends in the region.

As a member of the Shadow Foreign Affairs team, I’ve been supporting calls for Britain to play its full part in assisting in the emergency and ensuring that families in the UK are kept informed about the safety of their relatives in the region. I welcome the FCDO’s decision to send a team of search and rescue specialists, equipment and rescue dogs to Turkey and its continued co-ordination with the UN in support of those in Syria.

Emergency appeals and information on donations

Following the earthquakes, I know people in our community are concerned about the situation in Turkey and Syria. Several charities and organisations have launched appeals and are providing support on the ground, and you can find some information on this below.

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) charities and their local partners are among the first responders providing urgent help. Immediate priorities are search and rescue, medical treatment for the injured, shelter for those who have lost their homes, heating in safe spaces, blankets, warm clothes, and ensuring people have food and clean water.

More information on the DEC appeal here:

Red Cross Turkey Syria Earthquake Appeal:

Islamic Relief Turkiye Syria Earthquake Appeal:

Oxfam Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal:

Save the Children:

The situation in Syria is incredibly concerning. People in Syria are already traumatised by over a decade of war, humanitarian crisis, and multiple displacements. The White Helmets are responding to the earthquake on the ground and urgently need support. Click here to support their emergency response in Syria:

British Alevi Federation appeal:  

Enfield Council appeal and local donations

There has been an incredible response from our local community with donation points across the borough. Many of these collection points have reached full capacity and are unable to take further items.

Several Enfield community organisations are also collecting monetary donations. Please donate to those if they are organisations that you recognise and trust.