On Tuesday, I was in Westminster for the state opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech. I was disappointed to hear little about tackling the cost of living crisis as people in Enfield Southgate face soaring energy bills and the highest tax burden in 50 years.

Inflation is soaring; household bills are soaring; and the cost of the weekly shop is soaring while people’s wages are running out earlier and earlier in the month. The Government’s announcements this week needed to meet these challenges.

Instead, it’s clear the Conservatives are out of ideas while they continue to row back on promises made to voters. For example, where was the promised Employment Bill? Or the ban on foie gras and fur?

First and foremost though, we need action on the cost of living crisis. People need real help, right now, and Labour is calling for an emergency budget to tackle this crisis with a windfall tax on oil and gas producers to support households. I hope the Government wakes up and listens to people’s concerns.