To mark Small Business Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting some of our local shops and charities in Palmers Green.

Small businesses are absolutely vital to our economy. But it has been another challenging year for them. As businesses, they are often neglected by government, and not given the respect their enormous contribution deserves.

From battling with the Covid-19 pandemic to now a cost of living crisis, soaring rents and inflation, and short-termism from the Tory government, small businesses urgently need a proper, long term plan that recognises their value and provides them with real support.

That’s why I support measures such as scrapping business rates and creating a fairer system for high street shops, and tackling anti-social behaviour to revitalise our high streets and make our streets safer.

From creating jobs, breathing life into our high streets, and providing the innovation and services we need, it was great to celebrate some of our small businesses and hear about their experiences and challenges, including The Master Locksmith, Panache on the Green, Philanthropy and Our Print Shop.

Bambos Charalambous MP at The Master Locksmith to mark Small Business Saturday

Starting with The Master Locksmith on Green Lanes, who provide locksmith services at their shop in Palmers Green but can also travel to your location if you need help at home or by the roadside for emergency car locksmith work. It was great to catch up with their team.

Bambos Charalambous MP at Panache on the Green

Next up was Panache on the Green, a lovely local flower shop. From rare and seasonal flowers to arrangements for special occasions, do check them out on Station Road.

Philanthropy is a wonderful second-hand shop in Palmers Green. And not only did they provide my Christmas jumper this year, they also do some amazing work giving back to our local community.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), Phil and Esther’s shop employs adults with learning difficulties or people suffering from mental health issues, and they work closely with Enfield Council and Working Well Trust to help people find paid employment. It is amazing to have a local business which does so much good in our community, and I would encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already.

They are just on the corner of the Triangle and Green Lanes, at 248 Green Lanes.

Bambos Charalambous MP at Our Print Shop

Finally, I popped into Our Print Shop, a great printing shop in Palmers Green.