As the cost of living crisis puts families under increased pressure, food banks are becoming essential once again for people across our community.

Under the Conservatives, demand for food banks has reached record highs and a generation is growing up believing that it’s normal to see a food bank in every community. This needs to change.

But right now, with a dire economic outlook, more and more people are experiencing food poverty and food banks are stepping in to provide vital support.

Ahead of Christmas, I visited St Monica’s Church Foodbank in Palmers Green to share my support and hear about the challenges facing hundreds of local households this winter, with the number of households in our community needing help increasing since last year.

The Palmers Green Food Bank at St Monica’s was set up during the pandemic by Gerry and Jackie and has become a vital community project and lifeline for many ever since.

They have an ongoing appeal for food, with a wonderful team of volunteers organising collections. If you are able to, please do consider sharing food items if you have a little extra or would like to help out people who need some support this winter.

Bambos Charalambous MP at St Monica's Church Food Bank in Palmers Green