The Nationality and Borders Bill also returned to the House of Commons on 22nd March for consideration of its Lords amendments, and I know many people are worried about this dangerous Bill and its implications for refugees and asylum seekers.

As I was abroad, I was unable to vote on Tuesday but rest assured I remain resolutely opposed to this piece of legislation as I have since it was introduced, including at 2nd reading, committee and report stages. You can watch my speech during the Bill’s report stage below.

Unfortunately, the Government voted against all the Lords amendments. By doing so, they voted to make it a criminal offence for Ukrainian families to arrive in the UK without the right papers with a penalty of up to 4 years in prison. They also voted to rip up the International Refugee Convention and pave the way for offshore processing centres for refugees. This is shameful, especially at a time when people across the UK have shown their commitment to helping people fleeing war in Ukraine.

The Bill will now go back and forth between the Commons and Lords until an agreement is reached.